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Welcome to 

Dog Knowledge

Professional dog training & behaviour services

Do you dream of a calm & relaxed dog who listens to you 

wherever you are?

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Worried, frustrated or embarrassed by


your dog’s  behaviour?

Whatever the problem, we can help.

“Help! My dog won’t listen to me”

“I need help with my puppy!”

“I want to enjoy walks without being dragged”

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Need your dog to have more focus?

 “I can’t cope with my dog’s behaviour”

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Multiple or more serious behaviour problems?

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How we can help...


“My dog’s behaviour around other dogs is embarrassing”

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Dog-Dog Issues?

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Help for pulling on lead...


“Help! My dog is aggressive to people”

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Aggression directed at people?

Training Options & Services

Behaviour Assessment

Professional assessment & advice for multiple or more serious behaviour issues.


  • Rocket Recall
  • Focus & Impulse Control
  • Loose Lead Walking



Teaching good manners to adults & getting your puppy off to a great start. 

One To One


Training you to train your dog!