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Training Classes

Puppy Life Skills & Socialisation


The first few months of your puppy's life are crucial for ensruing that they grow up into a behaviourally healthy dog.


Get your puppy off to the best start with our Puppy Life Skills & Socialisation course. The course has a focus on learning through socialisation. It covers basic manners and obedience plus dealing with all the common puppy problems such as biting, house-training & chewing.



£75 for a course of 4 x 1 hour 25 minute lessons

For puppies 18 weeks and under on the start date

Classes commence Sunday 24th March 2019 at 10.45 am

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Life Skills & Good Manners Basic


For young dogs who need training, newly adopted dogs & older dogs whose skills have become rusty. 

Covering sit, stay, recall, lead walking, leave it, dealing with distractions, common behaviour problems such as jumping up. 

If your dog has any fear and/or aggression issues or you have any concerns about your dog's behaviour toward people or other dogs, please contact us prior to booking a place.

For all dogs 19 weeks and over

Sundays at 09.30 am

Action Petz, Newport


£75 for a course of 1 hour x 6 lessons.

The first class covers all the information that you will need to get the most out of the classes and to start teaching your dog the behaviours that yo want right away. This first class is for owners only.


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